For lack of a better title, for now, Linkdump
Things I read, things that make me think, things that make an impression. Things I would like to come back to at some point

A jargon-free explanation of how AI large language models work

This article was an open tab in my browser for a long time; finally took the time to read it. Very interesting and slightly worrying that we do not really udnerstand them and probably never will.

Anonimiteit op sociale media moeten we koesteren

Thoughtfull piece about the balance between safety and privacy when discussing anonimity on the internet

What Is Philosophy? Who Cares?

With a light interest in philosophy I liked this piece. The presentation is brilliant.

Julia Evans - New talk: Making Hard Things Easy

I found Julia Evans’ blog via Chris Coyier’s site (and I think I found Chris via Kev Quirk) and I started reading bits and pieces on her site and found this one really good. (all three sites ended up in my RSS reader)

Rubenerd: My top fifty albums, part one

The 100 Greatest Albums Of All Time, According To Kid Dynamite, nos. 50-26

I love these lists, might do one myself in the future. The ‘100 greatest Albums’ page has been open since early October as it is still slowly being completed.

A Controversial Plan to Scan Private Messages for Child Abuse Meets Fresh Scandal

(Wired article, I believe you can read a few free per month) Scary to read.