I have been spending several hours today going over my open tabs in my browser, reading starred entries in my RSS reader, following links in those pages and finding new stuff. Glorious. I realise that I really like doing this. I knew this of course but I never consciously acknowledged it. Go me!

I gather lots of pages/links that I want to look at/read later. I never got into read-it-later apps and sites; bookmarks and bookmark apps do not work for me for the now-to-intermediate future. My flow is to open links in a new tab in my browser (Firefox, with the setting to always reopen where I left AND to sync open tabs using FF Sync).

Ever since I read Chris Coyier’s blog about saving links for later and his follow-up post Link Categorization I have been thinking about this. I need to put that into it’s own separate post because thinking about it and then writing it down makes things clearer for myself. But I recognized a lot of things there.

So, what is the point of writing this? No point at all, except that I realized that I like spending time this way, it works for me to accumulate all these links and then, when I am rady for it, go through them and do something with them.

Long live the endless rabbit hole that is the internet ;-)