About me and this site

Every site should have an About page. (Shouldn’t have to be about me ’though).

From my Mastodon profile: I’m just me (and I am getting pretty good at it). Husband, father, project manager, Dutch, reader, walker, tinkerer with linux/virtualisation/bsd. In no particular order.

Moving away from Wordpress to Hugo. Why? Because I can :-)

Wordpress has been working great for the last 8 or so years but now I want to get more into the system so I decided to teach myself to use one of the static site generators. Hugo made sense because of the import possibility from Wordpress and enough templates and good documentation to get me going.

It also allows me to work on the site (break it and then fix it again) on my laptop before generating it and copying the static site to wherever I want it. Try that with Wordpress (and not a lot of Wordpress experience). Any system that can run a recent webserver is sufficient.


Some resources I frequently use: (this is my site so I can use it any way I want)

Markdown guide

I currently use Atom to write the markdown files
I currently use Code - OSS to write markdown files
I currently use Obsidian to write markdown files
I switched back to Code - OSS to write Markdown and maintain the sites’ pages
Hugo content organization
I have chosen the MemE theme to get started
Create tables in Markdown
CommonMark - a standardized Markdown

Site Tests

testmysite.io (Netlify)
Ping Tests
W3C RSS/ATOM Feed validator
W3C Page Validator
Check for broken/duplicate links/content

Security Testing

SSL Labs - Test Common Security Issues
Scott Helme’s & Sophos security header testing
Pentesting (40 free credits per day)
Mozilla Observatory
Privacy tests