Dashboards, homelab startpages


I have been using Heimdall for a while now as an easy way to have links to web applications, management pages, docker based apps on odd port numbers etc. I run Heimdall as a docker based app myself.

It works as expected but has a few shortcomings from my point of view. The links are stored in a database which means that I cannot easy add or remove multiple entries. The order of the links is also stored in the database. For both functions there is a perfectly usable way via the web interface to add or change things.

But what I miss most is a way to group links. There are tags but the way they work is obscure to me. Nevertheless it works fine for my limited purpose and has recently seen a lot of development after being dormant for quite a while.

Last week I read a short Linux Journal article about dashboards and started looking into Dashy and Homer. Demopages for Dashy and Homer.